Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The blogging story so far... green shoots

I thought I’d throw up a very quick and short entry to take stock of where things are with the Green Politics: Sustainable Futures blog. Just making regular time to put pen to paper has been really inspiring for me, as it is forcing me to sharpen my thoughts about policy and strategy more clearly than I’ve ever done before. I’m hoping to translate this into practical action in the coming months. Watch this space for more on that!

I’ve really appreciated hearing from those of you who have also provided feedback. I'm hoping to take into account your views and ideas in my writing of future articles, as well as working up an analysis of what I feel these current elections mean for both national politics and Green Party strategising. I’m keen that this blog is as interactive as possible, so I'm keen for you to continue writing in or commenting upon the articles, especially if there are topics you’d like me to feature or consider more closely.

In practical terms, the blog has received over 400 hits in the two weeks since I started and the number of followers on Twitter is steadily climbing above 100. I am announcing the publication of each new article there and give additional short updates on current news events. I’ve also added an option to subscribe by email or add yourself as a “blog follower” on the main navigation column of the site too. If you missed any of the earlier articles, you can access them through the right-hand navigation too - worth a glance!

To finish, I wanted to add a link to one of the most established and consistently well-written Green blogs, the Daily (Maybe). It recently published an examination of the state of play for the Scottish Greens going into the assembly elections this week that really excited me and I’d encourage you to take a look, as in the current climate positive news seems especially welcome right now!

Onwards and upwards...

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