Monday, 25 July 2011

What would I do if elected to GPEX as Equalities & Diversity Co-ordinator?

As part of my election campaign for the Green Party Executive (GPEX) Equalities and Diversity Co-ordinator, I wanted to share a number of the key activities I would hope to to take forward if I was elected to serve by the membership:
Organisational change:
  • Act as an advocate for equalities and diversity across our activities and bring that perspective explicitly to GPEX deliberations.
  • Improve transparency in the role by providing regular reports to members, including using the Members website to communicate.
  • Ensure that all activities and achievements are publicised regularly to the membership and demonstrate clear ways to get involved.
  • Undertake an assessment of our membership application process to ensure we are collecting useful information on our members.
  • Conduct regular analysis of our monitoring data and report progress to the membership.
  • Consult with key stakeholders across the party and integrate these perspectives into a formal E&D strategy for the next two years.
  • Build a robust network of activists across our local parties who will champion equalities and diversity work and feed ideas back to me.
  • Investigate potential funding opportunities to support this programme of work, both from within and external to the Green Party.

Working with members:

  • Meet regularly with the self-organised groups such as Green Women, Young Greens and LGBT Greens to ensure that their priorities are being communicated to GPEX.
  • Build knowledge and capacity amongst self-organised groups to ensure that they are able to integrate their issues into the policy-making process.
  • Work with self-organised groups to assist in making their activities and decision-making processes are transparent and accessible to members.
  • Facilitate the creation of self-organisation for those groups of members currently under-represented in the Green Party.
  • Facilitate working links between the various self-0rganised groups across the party, so that their outputs complement each other.
  • Organise fringe events at the Green Party Conference to share best practice and raise the priority of equality and diversity within the membership.
  • Work with Green Party Conference organisers to build upon recent improvements in accessibility and engagement for disabled members.

Outreach beyond the Green Party:

  • Follow up on the excellent report undertaken by members into BME engagement with the Green Party and try to roll out some of their findings more widely.
  • Make links with national organisations campaigning on equalities issues and build formal partnerships around key policy issues.
  • Encourage external organisations to attend Green Party Conference and participate in fringe events.
  • Support members conducting outreach work to under-represented groups, such as ethnic minority and disabled communities.

I hope this is a representative example of the work I hope to take forward over the next two years. I'm keen that this isn't a one-man band, so hope that some of this programme of action excites you into getting involved. If you think I've missed something fundamental out, please get in touch (

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