Tuesday, 13 March 2012

As one door closes, another opens…

For those of you who know me or follow me on Twitter, you will have been aware that I have recently moved back to London, leaving behind my time with the Brighton and Hove Green Party and throwing myself back into life back home.

It’s been an amazing three years down by the coast and I’ve been lucky enough to take a small part in some historic successes for the Green Party. Many of the political lessons I’ve learnt there have found their way into my blog pieces over the last year and in spite of leaving the city, I will be keeping a close and supportive eye on the achievements and challenges facing my friends in the local party. As recent events with the Council budget have shown, this is never going to be a quiet term of office for them and I intend to continue following the political context in the city.

As a political activist, moving to Lambeth GP will involve new exciting opportunities. Back in the centre of the city, I will be joining a vibrant local party facing a different set of issues and voters and with a greater electoral mountain to climb than Brighton and Hove. As such, I will be writing much more about how I find my place within my new community and re-engaging with the London Green Parties.

This change of location has prompted me to re-evaluate Green Politics: Sustainable Futures and to take the opportunity to upgrade my capacity to blog. I have made a decision to make this my last blog post for the site and to transfer to a new personal blog site with Wordpress, with better functionality and more ability to improve it over time. Don’t worry though, as I intend to be more engaged and productive as ever!

I hope that my regular readers will make the journey across and start following my new blog. In the coming weeks, I’m going to be talking about my experiences of changing party, the upcoming London Assembly elections, my work as Chair of the national LGBTIQ Greens caucus, as well as continuing my challenges to the Green Party to modernize and develop itself to reflect and represent modern Britain.

Please join me and subscribe to regular updates by email, because in the current financial climate, political activism has never been so important and urgent.

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